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I am a digital marketing specialist and here to help you with your website and online marketing.
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This is what I do

Getting you higher conversion rates,
increased sales and lower costs

I transform your marketing and lead generation from outbound (direct mail, email spam, cold calls, etc) to inbound methods, based on data, buyer persona’s and digital optimization. This results in higher conversion rates, increased sales and lower costs for your business.

Position your business
stronger online

Next to that I develop and align digital marketing strategies, data, web design and content development so that your business will be stronger positioned online which will lead to more business.

I do what I love and that shows in my work.

This is me.
Digital marketing developer by day & website developer by night.

Here is a list of things I can do for you

A. An in depth understanding of your customers

Buyer Personas

This semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer provide tremendous structure and insight. It will help you determine where to focus your time and guide product development and enables you to attract the most valuable leads to your business.

Customer Journeys

This framework enables you to improve your customer experience. It documents the experience through their perspective, helping you best understand how customers are interacting with you now and helps you identify areas for improvement moving forward.

Content Mapping

Mapping your content according to your buyer persona and lifecycle stage helps you to create the right content, for the right people, at the right time. This way thee content you’re creating will be in line with the goals and challenges of specific segments of your audience.

B. Being found online by your potential customers

SEO Consulting

You want to be found online. So you need to know exactly what keywords to use and how to process them in your site to be found by the right audience.

Inbound Marketing

What makes your business unique? Let’s find out what your strong points are, what your customers want and how to market you.

Social Media

Be where your customers are. Create a buzz around your company, products and services and build relationships with your customers.

C. Creating a lead generating website

Web Design

You do what you do well. Better, you are really good at it. And you want to tell the world with a professional look online.

Web Development

Cool, so now you know what your online presence looks like. Now, let’s get some flesh on the bones. We’ll develop your site to become found even better online!


Want to sell your products online? The sky is the limit. Display your products beautifully and boost your business. Payments, shipping, inventory, reporting, tax, it’s all there.

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